1. 'Still Life' 2014


  2. A series of cover illustrations I did recently for the Fingal Arts Plan 2013 in collaboration
    with Atelier David Smith. See more of the project here.


  3. Vanessa Paradis for 'The New Review' magazine. 


  4. Here’s my print for the  ’All You Need Is Love’ exhibition in aid of Marriage Equality, launching May 1st at 
    The Copper House Gallery

    You can now buy the prints from the exhibition here. All proceeds go to Marriage Equality.


  5. My portrait of J Dilla, in collaboration with This Greedy Pig, is featured on J Dilla’s latest record 'Give 'Em What They Want'.


  6. Here’s a new piece I’m working on for an upcoming exhibition.


  7. Tokyo based designer, Hiroshi Tanida of bedsidedrama, has used my drawings for a print in his 2014 S/S collection under the theme 'Unknown Nostalgia'. Tanida is also behind the fashion brand STOF which has been shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo. 
    I never thought I’d see my work used in this context. Love it.

    (Images courtesy of crackfloor)


  8. Visual Verse kindly asked to use my drawing ‘Flock’ as a starting point for their writers.
    There have been some really beautiful submissions inspired by the drawing. Read them here


  9. Joaquin Phoenix for ‘The New Review’. 


  10. This Greedy Pig commissioned this portrait of J Dilla for a limited edition print that they’re selling exclusively through
    their store. It’s available in two editions, ‘Donut’ and ‘Frosted Donut’. A percentage of each sale will go to the
    James Yancey estate. This will also be featured on the next J Dilla record, to be released in Spring 2014. 

    Based on a photograph by Brian Cross.